a year ago

Hi My name is Jordon and welcome to my blog about my journey into the world of fitness. Although it is not my first time at the gym, it is the first time I've started this new fitness regiment and started to take this more seriously. If you're reading this, I'd just like to say that its a pleasure to have you. Anyway alittle about why I am doing this. Growing up, I've been a porky fellow. Never having muscle and just really bloating up. Recently I've changed my eating habits and shrank from almost scraping 280 lbs to a small 175 lbs. No easy feat but it was achieved through dedication and well... cutting out alot of fast food and all soda. Time to muscle up though. I have already been going to the gym for a bit now. However finding a program that worked for me was tough. My body doesn't like to gain muscle easily. The training I have posted on the landing page has stuck since the moment I tried it. It punished me. Hard. I feel thats what I need. As of now, my diet consists of carbs and heavy protein. I'm still new on that subject. I'm not very good at these kinds of posts, so forgive my introduction for being a bit short. Hopefully I get better with time!

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